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death of Liberty

Libertarian optimists are today joined by pessimists of all stripes in “noticing” the decline, decrepitude and desperation of Washington’s empire.  Those who believe in the state, admire the state, and are consumed by the state are acutely aware its pillars are collapsing.

The ship is sinking, rivets are popping, and steel screaming.  We can all see the realization of what the near future holds in each other’s eyes.

The US as a republic, created to ensure individual liberty and oppose the overweaning state, is long gone, smothered in its crib before it was a day old.  200 years later, even the lepidopteran Fukuyama – feeding upon the nectar of a perfect neoliberal dreamscape in the late 1980s – was not oblivious to reality.  His later work intimates that winter is coming.

Winter is a time of both rest and quickening, of reflection and new ideas, of healing and slow strengthening of roots, of anticipation.  It pairs well with sleep, where both physical and mental peace and order is systemically restored.  The US, as a system of domestic and global empire, is long overdue for such healing, and in the case of imperial ambitions, a permanent sleep.  We, as subjects and slaves of this sick empire, sorely need restoration of peace and order, the kind that is only generated from deep within.

Many of us hold the US government to be on suicide watch – we have long observed its repeated actions of self-harm, hopelessness, exceptional and dangerous risk-taking. The Leviathan is intent upon killing itself, but we ought not blithely celebrate the suicide of the state.  It defines itself in terms of all of us, and this will be a murder-suicide if the state gets its way.

The signs are undeniable, and while it isn’t polite to laugh out loud, we aren’t all trained counselors and will be forgiven for our incredulity.

In a remarkable lack of self-awareness, in the category of “trying to help average Americans in a time of state designed and implemented inflation” we have the utter and breathtaking brilliance of “Goldman Finds Top Supermarket Offering The Best Grocery Deals.” It’s Walmart.  This valuable piece of investigatory work on behalf of the American people was reported in an effort to help Americans find the best deal, because we need the state for that.  Oops, I confused Goldman with the state, and mistakenly associated the capital firm with the Federal Reserve.  My bad.

Our sick state is increasingly obsessed with “how to kill more people and save the planet.”  There’s no need to tease this obsession from the couch – it’s out in the open.  From the recent COVID era, Bill Gates and the state publicly celebrated fewer people as a benefit of government-directed diseases and mandated treatments/responses, like untested genetic therapies, mass use of deadly hospital incarceration and interventions, illegalization of helpful remedies, and social isolation to reduce the population, especially of those near their expiration date.

COVID vaccines seem to have had a noticeable impact of fertility, in line with active state support of physical and chemical gender alterations, serving the state (and Gatesians) with not only reduced fertility but major increases in suicide among the young.  Grandiose freezing of economic activity in the name of life and health was a nice touch, too.

Ancillary to direct war on people via state science and big pharma, we have state-demanded wind and solar that harm the environment, sap natural resources, exploit and mislead people, create waste and don’t produce.  We have the elimination of food production, here and abroad, as a matter of policy, and mass starvation of undesirables, again as policy. But the insanity goes beyond belief in engineering fantasy and centralized control – the state integrates concepts of “saving the environment” directly into its massive obsession with destroying it.

The US military is the largest consumer of “energy” and a major polluter, beyond the direct damage to life and property that is its raison d’etre.  By way of “solving” this problem, we have a Washington push for electric powered logistics, tanks and fighting machines, and humanity “cherishing” affirmative action for all types of identity – be it gender, skin tone, health, intellect, competence.  We have contracts for meat substitutes to feed our soldiers in the name of the environment side-by-side with refreshed guidance on how this same DoD will use napalm, depleted uranium weapons, cluster munitions, lay mines, target civilians, support CIA militarization, and use exploding bullets among other things.

As millions of Americans already understand the insanity of serving the state in any way, the patient’s solution to this lack of interest in military service is force.  The 2025 NDAA passed the House included forced automatic registration of every male (including the transgenders) into the selective service program.

The state is adamant that females and those identifying as such must have every state support, every equality, and never be treated unequally – yet the closest the state wants to go is “requiring” women to “voluntarily” register for the draft, as it were.  This requirement will likely be stripped out by the Senate or traded away in the Joint Committee.  The good news is that with automatic registration, American men – and all men in the country illegally – need not fear a felony charge for failing to sign up – the state already knows who and where they are.  If true, this speaks to a disinhibition of a state that on one hand has no way of, and no interest in, ensuring one person, one vote in its many elections, but can immediately reach out and touch every young man (and every young woman) residing within its borders for purposes of drafting them.

Almost every headline and what passes as “news” in the United States, is a cry for help. Joe Biden squatting to relieve himself on stage in France last week may also be taken as a sign that the state cannot, on its own, regain its “stability.” It cannot fix itself.  The risky behavior we see today in both domestic and foreign policy is not only a symptom of the state’s disease, but a warning of how close we are to a disaster we may not be ready for – the murder-suicide of a state in extremis.

The diary of this madman is not being withheld by the FBI, or by concerned citizens.  We are living and breathing it in real time.

Whether a nuclear battlefield in Europe, the destruction of a major capitol city, perhaps Washington itself, or a battle between major powers at sea is realized, or simply conveniently created for our consumption – the US is now fast-tracking its own destruction.  As it frenetically strikes out at home and abroad, suspending the rules to stay in the batter’s box, facing an election between two halves of the same murder-suicide coin, we would be wise to keep our eyes and ears open to the truth we are not allowed to see and hear.


Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. a retired USAF lieutenant colonel, farmer and aspiring anarcho-capitalist. She ran for Congress in Virginia's 6th district in 2012, is a Fellow at the Eisenhower Media Network, and an Associated Scholar of the Mises Institute.

Copyright © Karen Kwiatkowski

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