Leadership Team

Caren Black , MA, MEd
Caren's professional career spanned over four decades in teaching, educational administration, small business consulting, children's musical theater, activism (for women, the Earth, and several nonprofits) and always, writing (education texts to newspaper articles to musicals - one with Anthony Newley as advisor). She now writes at TEOLAWKI Times while raising chickens, ducks and sometimes awareness, including her own. She is website editor.

Christopher Paddon, MS, MA  
Following 25 years in design engineering, product development for international companies, two patents, teaching college courses in Industrial Design, Product Modeling, Engineering Prototype Construction and Renewable Energy and Conservation Technologies, Christopher raises goats and gardens; he designs, builds and maintains appropriate technology systems, buildings and equipment on the homestead that houses TLA and is TLA's web designer and webmaster.

Drew Buffington, MBA
While applying his MBA on behalf of the State of Arkansas, Drew interned with TLA after which he left his state job, bought acreage with his family and developed a homestead, raising chickens, ducks, geese, bees, a dog and a cat with his wife and small daughter while touring the country as Knox Hamilton's guitarist.  He and his family moved and launched a new homestead. He earned a Permaculture Design Certificate and has begun work on the new property.

Michele Henn
Having earned her degree in marine science, Michele made a career in professional racing management, during which she interned with TLA, contributing to its EcoStay program. She's lead projects around the world for Habitat for Humanity. Now she's creating an urban homestead with her new family.

Maria Tupper, MSW, LCSW
A professional counselor, Maria met and married Fred Cervin, a minister turned carpenter and a founding member of TLA's board. Together they created the New Haven Bioregional Group, and Bioregional Garden. Maria now works with some 50 community gardens and a new Young Entrepreneurs program, making Fred's books available and editing the Bioregional monthly newsletter.

Richard Douglass
For many years Rich, with his wife and children, used draft horses to work a 160-acre off-grid farm, raising food and producing maple syrup as well as teaching in his spare time. Home inspections, remodeling work, a new 7-acre homestead and a couple of solar panels now afford him more free time for family and travel.

Susan Bedwell, PhD
Following a doctorate in Special Education, Susan has served in college administration for the past 15 years and currently directs the TrIO Program's Education Opportunity Center at Rogers State University in Oklahoma.  She and her husband completed TLA's online internship, developed a cul-de-sac home into a homestead and have fostered a neighborhood community group.


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