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Established Homestead to Share

Our small, well-established, self-reliant homestead in the coastal Pacific Northwest can accommodate another couple and, as we retired here nearly 20 years ago, we would appreciate the help of some relatively younger hands. We are actively seeking a couple (preferred) or an established single (considered), who are/is paying attention to geopolitics, the financial crisisclimate disruption, and the collapse of industrial civ, and yearning to be free of the “matrix”.

We are offering a nice place to live, a wealth of practical experience, knowledge and skills in a diversity of fields, a non-partisan, big-picture, Nature-based lifestyle out of sync with the system, and a shared ownership and/or work exchange in our established 3-acre rural homestead on the beautiful coast of the Pacific Northwest. Our goal has been to become self-sufficient and resilient by building a “lifeboat” to the weather the gathering storm clouds of economic, social, political and environmental collapse.

Once a traditional country estate, our property is now home to the Titanic Lifeboat Academy and fully equipped with solar PV & thermal, a wind turbine, rain water catchment & well water, wood heat, a producing orchard, wood lot & forest, fenced pasture, large vegetable garden, greenhouses, poultry and dairy goats, with room for whatever other possibilities NTHE permits. A newer horse barn with a nicely appointed apartment loft compliments the original large Tudor house on a hilltop with a scenic view of the river. 

We seek partners who are healthy, physically fit (able to help with strenuous physical work for several hours), mature and free of addictions (including "smart" phones & commercial TV), and non-smoking. No recreational drugs, minimal alcohol, have prior experience with--or willing and able to learn and adopt--a simple, self-reliant lifestyle, capable of making a long-term commitment, willing to merge your resources with ours, educated (knowledge of Deep Ecology and Permaculture principles a plus), passionate about learning (academic as well as hands-on), and aware that life on Earth is now most likely measured in years rather than decades.

Please, no seasonal, temporary, or “learning experience” inquiries as our popular internship program has been discontinued. If you are ready to leave the system, we offer a shared place to shelter during collapse. It’s a very good place to face for whatever comes next. If you’re looking for such a place to share with like-minded folks, we’re looking for you. We are grateful to all who consider our offer and respond. To respect (and save) both your time and ours, we will reply only to serious inquiries which seem to align with our path. You may contact us through our website.

Thank you,

Christopher & Caren
Titanic Lifeboat Academy
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If you are interested in this particular opportunity, or have a homestead opportunity of your own to share with others on this web page, please post a comment below or contact us.

Interview recorded on December 17, 2010


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