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Getting Out of Line

A Guide for Teachers Redefining Themselves and Their Profession by Caren Black

This book identifies the classroom methodologies, curriculum and personal professional growth that are essential for ongoing school reform. The author honours the traditions of teaching while simultaneously making a compelling case for change.

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"Inspirational stories, thought-provoking parables, memorable quotes . . . It's a book to read, ponder, and debate."Lois Bridges, The Galef Institute

"I hope all teachers and administrators read, think, discuss-and then act on these ideas. They nurture greatness." Connie Muther, Consultant, Manchester, Connecticut

"One of the clearest statements to date regarding the importance of professional collegiality as the cornerstone of school reform." Martin L. Krovetz, Professor of Educational Administration, San Jose State University

"All teachers should read this book. Very powerful." Joseph Chilton Pearce, Author of Magical Child, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg 

Change begins with teachers. Here's a guide to redefining teachers' roles and suggestions for what teachers must do to facilitate lasting school change. Black offers ideas and suggestions to help you become a teacher who works toward change. She advocates changing attitides, classroom methodologies, curriculum, and professional growth even while retaining valuable teaching traditions.

This book shows how to:
* Communicate with students and coworkers more effectively and assertively
* Redefine your approach and build new beliefs
* Increase student responsibility for their own learning
* Design projects that truly involve your students 

Rewarding and provocative reading for staff developers, school administrators, teacher educators, teachers, and students of education. Getting Out of Line is a guide toward redefining who a teacher is and what a "New Teacher" is expected--and empowered--to do.

This Edition

Format: 112 pages, Paperback 
Published: August 8, 1997 by Corwin Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9780803965034 (ISBN10: 0803965036)
Language: English 

Table of Contents

Preface: Creating a personal vision of change

1. Preparing to live in a different reality
Defining reality
Reality defines the workplace
2. Overcoming the culture of powerlessness
Analyzing our position
Changing our position

3. Becoming the new teacher

Redefining our approach
Redefining our practice
Redefining our materials
Redefining our curriculum
Redefining our responsibility

4. Viewing the new teacher in action

Creating our information age learning models
Defining our information age learning style

5. Embracing the new view

What we're up against
Why we can't wait
Tribute due the current system
What we can expect
Staying connected


Caren Black: Teaching has always been my passion, just after learning. During my career spanning three decades as a teacher and administrator in private and public schools as well as business, I've worked with all ages, K through adult. The best preparation I had was in the performing arts and the best foundation was the work of Dewey, Bruner, Neill, Piaget, Holt, Kozol, Pearce, Smith, Caine & Caine, Apple, Capra and Gardner. My advice to teachers and administrators? Read! Do what you tell your students to do: Read. Read books about educating kids and adults, about how the brain works, about how the education system "works" and who started it and why. Have the curiosity you expect of students. Do your homework. Take your passion to class with you and don't let the system beat it out of you.

Exclusive Offer!

Receive a complimentary copy of Getting Out of Line signed by the author
in return for a donation of $25.00 or more to the Titanic Lifeboat Academy.



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