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oil tanker in fog

Imagine you are navigating a small boat through a large harbour on a dark and foggy night. It is extremely difficult to find your way because you can hardly see anything and even the buoys marking your way are only visible when they are right next to you.

You become aware of a sound ahead of you and you see several very vague different shapes appearing in the gloom.

There’s a light there and another there. So two vessels approaching, perhaps. But, wait, what’s that right up high?

Suddenly you realise that these are not separate objects at all, but parts of one huge oil tanker bearing down on you, which you urgently need to avoid!

joined up thinkingThis ability to interpret minimal incoming data in order to understand the bigger picture, this capacity for joining the dots, making the connections, is an essential one, as Max Wertheimer (see below) set out.

It is a particular kind of intelligence. It is not the kind of intelligence that allows people to remember lists of dates or to perform complex mathematical equations, but it is still intelligence, and crucial intelligence at that.

Over the last few years, something very alarming has been looming up ahead of us in the fog of unfolding history.

Initially, this looked like a variety of different issues and trends that were not necessarily connected.

It was not obvious to us all, to start with, that climate capitalism was linked to the Covid operation, that war in the Ukraine was linked to the Great Reset, that the pope was linked to the transhumanists, that left-wing “intersectionality” was linked to the impact investment agenda, that Charles and the British “Crown” were very close to the global financial mafia, that the United Nations and the World Bank had been working together for decades to deliberately impose a “development” agenda that benefited financial interests at the expense of humankind and nature.

United Nations world bank logo

But now, vast numbers of people are aware of these connections and understand that all these elements are aspects of one single agenda being imposed on us by one single power.

This power depends on its own invisibility for its success. Its scams will simply not work if we can all see who is pulling the strings and with what aim in mind.

It is therefore important for this single power, this criminal global money power, to try to discredit those who can see the bigger picture and to stop them from communicating what they have seen.

conspiracy-theory-alertIn their propaganda, the crucial form of intelligence that enables us to make sense of the world around us, despite their attempts to keep us in the dark, is denigrated as something bad.

“Conspiracy theorists” have long been the target of ridicule and attack from the mafia and their henchmen.

But now they are going even further by announcing that they want to “stop” alleged conspiracy theory in the same way that they have already banned and censored so-called “misinformation” on specific health issues.

#ThinkBeforeSharing campaign has been launched on the Unesco website. Unesco is, of course, an agency of the United Nations, the global body which is pushing, with the World Bank and the World Economic Forum, the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 agenda, aka The Great Reset.

unesco conspiracy campaign

Among the thought crimes highlighted as part of this inquisition is, under the heading of “anti-semitism“, is “linking an alleged conspiracy to Jewish individuals or groups (e.g. the Rothschild family or George Soros, a philanthropist) or the State of Israel”.

So it is “antisemitic” to mention the role played by any individual who happens to be Jewish, even if this role is demonstrably real and significant? Ridiculous.

But more alarmingly still, the campaign attacks the very capacity for joined-up thinking which allows us to identify the oil tanker in the fog, the danger with which we are faced.

consp unesco eye

It complains that what it calls conspiracy theories “offer an explanation of events or situations which are difficult to understand and bring a false sense of control or agency”.

They present us with “an alleged, secret plot”, “a group of conspirators” and “‘evidence’ that seems to support the conspiracy theory”.

Note here that by placing quote marks around ‘evidence’ they hope to cunningly imply, without even addressing any specific issues, that the evidence backing what they term “conspiracy theories” is invariably and necessarily invalid!


Unesco and its friends are alarmed at the very idea of “suspicion of official accounts” or of “reinterpreting random events as part of a broader pattern”. Their sly quote marks would better have been deployed here, around the word ‘random’…

They warn people off any author who is “not attached to a reputable organization or institution” (such as the UN, the WEF or the World Bank, presumably) and even, astonishingly, any author who “raises questions instead of providing answers”!

Unauthorised explanations of what is going in the world are “dangerous” because they help “violent extremist groups” and “spread mistrust in public institutions”, somehow causing both “political apathy” and “radicalization”.

“Suspicion breeds confidence” as the posters declared in Terry Gilliam’s classic film Brazil, and Unesco warns us to “beware” that the dreaded theories could even be spread by “friends, relatives”. “Don’t suspect a friend, report him”, to quote the 1985 film again. Is that the chilling dystopia in which we now find ourselves, in 2022?

Suspicion breeds confidence Don't suspect a friend report him

In truth, the campaign reeks of panic and is likely to prove a spectacular own goal.

The very announcement that “this UNESCO campaign is implemented jointly with the European Commission, Twitter and the World Jewish Congress” is surely likely to fuel the kind of “conspiracy theories” that they are supposedly combatting?

Simply the fact that the campaign has been launched, let alone its content, confirms that there is indeed a conspiracy that the global authorities are desperately trying to cover up and that the UN are part of it.

Even those who have not yet realised that there is a bigger picture to be seen will quickly do so, thanks to this “stop the conspiracy theorists!” scaremongering.

The truth is the truth, no matter how loudly the global mafia shriek the opposite.

And once it has come into view, it can never be unseen.

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