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The Lifeboat Show was a monthly radio program on Coast Community Radio in Astoria, Oregon.  Featuring interviews, book reviews and banter about sustainable living, Caren Black and Christopher Paddon, of TLA, discuss life after Peak Oil with a little humor thrown in.  Below are four still-timely shows.




volume up 24As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Stay In Denial

A dramatization, with permission, of the graphic novel by Derrick Jensen and Stephanie McMillan. As the lighthearted lead character shares what governments, corporations, and activists tell individual Americans to do to save the Earth, her cynical counterpart exposes the futility of these simple solutions. The book on which this half-hour show is based is available here.

 emergency checklist



volume up 24Emergency Preparedness  Part 1  Part 2

Learn simple steps that could save your life, your family, and your neighbors. Find out what community resources available -- and unavailable -- and where to volunteer & get involved. Join us with guest speakers Vanessa Clarkson (American Red Cross), Patrick Corcoran (NOAA Coastal Hazards), Don Hillgartner of (Amateur Radio Emergency Services), Mike Jackson (Fire & Rescue), Tom Manning of (County Emergency Services Chief), and Deb Treusdell (Tsunami Prep. Specialist).  Wherever you live, you will get important personal and family preparedness information from these two inspiring shows.




volume up 24Joys of the Earth-Centered Sustainable Life

Our guests this month are a fascinating couple, Kevin and Donna Philippe-Johnson, creators of the EarthStar Primal Habitat, a sustainable living model.  Kevin & Donna have written several articles published on their website and in Countryside Magazine about how they left the 9-to-5 life behind, moved to "our little hut in the woods" as Kevin calls it, and are truly enjoying "happily ever after".  On nearly no annual income, they have good health, abundant free time for creative activities, and a very peaceful life in harmony with the Nature around them.

About Donna and Kevin




volume up 24The Importance of Saving the Right Seeds

Master gardener/master composter Jerri Cook writes for Countryside Magazine.  For those of you unfamiliar with all that Monsanto has been up to, this is a must listen. For those of you who already know, please check out this update.  Seed saving has never been more important.  We'll tell you why.

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