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Zhang Hefan with a Przewalski's horse
 Image: Przewalski's horses released in the wild | Zhang Hefan

When we know the myriad crises we're facing, we can find ourselves thinking, "What can I do?" This woman has found her answer, and 600 horses as well as she herself affirm life and love in the face of destruction.  ~ Ed.

"Old and ugly, but never worried about finding a husband, Jungar No. 214 mare found herself a husband less than six month after being released to the wild," Zhang Hefan wrote in her new book Home of Wild Horse: Wild Horse Observation Diary.  Zhang, 45, a senior engineer at the Przewalski's horse breeding center in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, just published her fourth book in November. Different from other science writers who usually adopt an objective standpoint, Zhang tells the Przewalski's horses' stories as if she was telling the story of a friend she connected with emotionally.

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