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Qimeiduoji in his mail truck
Image: Qimeiduoji in his mail truck | China Post

When we know the myriad crises we're facing, we can find ourselves thinking, "What can I do?" This man has found his answer, and his life -and legend- affirm life and love in the face of destruction.  ~ Ed.  

Qimeiduoji is something of a legend along the Sichuan-Tibet Road on the plateau. For three decades he has driven a mail truck to deliver mail between Garze and Dege, the Tibetan counties in Southwest China's Sichuan Province. He drives on the snow line at an average altitude of 3,500 meters and has traveled 1.4 million kilometers in total. He never had a traffic accident on the road, but he has experienced and survived several perils. His story is gradually getting public recognition around the country. 

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